Knowing that no two faces are alike, the experienced estheticians at CCB will customize a personal skin care regimen just for you. Our facials are not only relaxing, but our partnership with Dermalogica gives us the opportunity to use their innovative product line. Free of skin irritants, these products will help heal even the most sensitive of skin types! Prevention is key to a beautiful complexion, and our knowledgeable skin experts look forward to helping you put your best face forward.

Premium Facial
Our Premium facial treatment is customized to your needs. It's the perfect balance between relaxation and results. This decadent service includes a warm hand treatment, a specialized eye treatment and infrared light therapy. 90 mins.
Customized Facial
The products chosen for this facial will be tailored to your current skin care needs in order to see the best results. 60 mins.
European Facial
The products chosen for this facial will be tailored to your current skin care needs. The contamination of treatments and massage of the face, hands and arms are delightful. 75 mins.
The Afternoon Quickie
30 min.
Straight to the Point Mini Facial
45 min.
Back Brightening Treatment
45 min.
Add Ons
Enzyme Treatment
45 min.
High Frequency
15 min.
Lymphatic Drainage
45 min.
Blue/Red Light Therapy
15 min.

The Spa @ CC&B is now offering an array of safe and effective peels that require minimal down time. Our Skin Care Specialist will help assist you in determining which peel will be most beneficial to you.

Chemical Peels 
Light Facial Peel$60+
Mild Facial Peel$75+
Medium Facial Peel $125+
Advanced Facial Peel $175+
Lower Legs$200+
Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel) 
This exfoliating treatment assists in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scarring (especially from acne). Diamond Peel Microderm is also a wonderful tool for helping to stimulate cell turnover and increase the penetration of quality skin care products. *Includes mask to hydrate, calm and soothe* Recommended in a series of 6 - 12 treatments for specific skin conditions and to attain lasting results.
Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion
45 mins.
Add-on to any Facial or Peel
Full Face
Add-on to any Facial or Peel
Eyes and Lips only

What is Diamond Peel?

A diamond peel is a crystal-free microdermabrasion. During this procedure, a state-of-the-art diamond cut handpiece with a sandpaper-like surface will be used to gently remove the dead skin and debris on the outer layer of your skin, leaving smoother, cleaner, brighter skin.

How is the Diamond Peel different from regular microdermabrasion?

Unlike traditional crystal microdermabrasion, which blows crystals on the skin and then removes them from your skin via suction, the Diamond Peel uses a diamond-cut precision hand piece to gentle exfoliate the skin. The risk of crystal microdermabrasion is that some crystals can tear the skin or even stay lodged in the skin after the procedure. The procedure can also be very messy if crystals are used. The Diamond Peel is safe, effective, gentle, clean, won’t leave any residue on the skin, and allows you to see exactly how much dead skin and debris is removed.