Cuts & Styles

Feeling confident and making a great first impression is made easy with the right cut and style! Educated and experienced in creating the newest looks and enduring classics, CCB hair stylists give you a fresh look every time. We do so by beginning each appointment getting to know your styling routine, assessing your needs and then collaborating with you to design a cut that will make you look and feel gorgeous.

Cuts & StylesLevel 4aaLevel 4aLevel 4Level 3Level 2Level 1New Talent/Apprentice Pricing
Ladies Cut$81$73$71$66$63$58$41
Gentleman's Hair Cut
Personalized consultation, signature head massage and product education.
Children's Hair Cut
Personalized consultation (under 10 years old does not include shampoo & blow dry)
Wash & Blow Dry
Signature Head Massage & Style Education.
Full Flat Iron
Section by Section of Straightening with a Flat Iron. (does not include shampoo)
$15 per 15 minutes
Special Occasion Hair
any style involving pinning or curling falls under special occasion hair.

New talent/ apprentice artists are in the process of completing our advanced training program. During this few month span their pricing will reflect a discounted rate.

New Talent Stylists have completed schooling and are licensed cosmetologists.  We offer discounted pricing with these artists while they complete our training program with advanced artists.